Antibody FAQs

How should I store my antibodies? 
Please store the antibody at -20°C.

What is the purity of BT Lab’s antibody?
Generally BT Lab offers antibodies with a purity higher than 96%.

Can BT Lab’s antibody be used in other application (WB, ELISA, IHC, IF, IP) which is not mentioned in the datasheet?
The instruction specifies the intended use for BT Lab’s antibody. Any procedure not specified in the instruction should be validated by user.

Can antibody recognize the same target in different species from the datasheet? Has any other species been tested?
All of antibodies are generated with peptides designed using the database corresponding to the primary species listed in the datasheet. Generally they are human, mouse or rat. This species was then confirmed with the western blot validation data shown for each antibody in the appropriate species. If we do not obtain positive results in one species, we do not list that species. But the cell line we test possibly contains a low level of particular protein or the inductions we used do not work in that particular cell line. We suggest you compare the peptide sequence between the species you are studying and the species that BT Lab’s antibody was raised against. In most cases, BT Lab’s antibodies are raised against the human protein sequence and are highly purified using affinity chromatography.