BT Lab is promoting our antibody product online. We offer monoclonal antibodies directed against a broad range of mammalian and non-mammalian protein targets, representing essentially all targets covered by polyclonal antibodies. Primary antibodies directed to mammalian target proteins have been characterized for reactivity against mouse, rat and human proteins. Many of our mammalian antibodies are reactive with equine, bovine, canine, porcine and ovine protein targets and are suitable for veterinary research. Our antibodies are recommended for use in most assays including Western blot, immunoprecipitation, immunostaining, and flow cytometry.

We also offer a wide variety of secondary antibodies, control immunoglobulin and control sera for a large selection of species. Our specialized secondary antibodies, such as our isotype specific secondary antibodies and F(ab’)2 secondary antibodies, allow for highly specific results.

Antibody will generally shipped within one week on acceptance. The prices will not change without notification. If the order is out of stock, we will notify you via email or telephone in 24 hrs.

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