As a leading brand of Korainbio, Bioassay Technology Laboratory (BT Lab) offers a variety of cost-effective ELISA kits and sets to measure cytokines, chemokines, and soluble biomarkers consistently and reliably. Sandwich kit and Competitive that provide the core reagents our selection of ELISA products meets thedemand of ELISA beginners to experts alike at a very economical price.

Sandwich Kit
The sample with an unknown amount of antigen is immobilized on a pre-coated plate either non-specifically (via adsorption to the surface) or specifically via capture by another antibody specific to the same antigen.

Competitive Kit
In a competitive ELISA assay, sample antigen and labeled antigen compete for capture antibody binding. The more target protein there is in the sample, the less labeled antigen will be captured and the weaker the signal. It is suitable for low molecular weight antigens with a limited number of epitopes or antibody-binding sites, such as small molecules like histamine, pesticide, steroids etc.

Qualitative Kit
Qualitative results provide a simple positive or negative result for a sample. In quantitative ELISA, the optical density (OD) of the sample is compared to a standard curve, which is typically a serial dilution of a known-concentration solution of the target molecule.

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*Sample manual insert for reference only. Data may changed currently. Please contact us for newest manual.

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