Human Arginine Vasopressin ELISA kit

E1312Hu                                               48 wells/96 wells

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This sandwich kit is for the accurate quantitative detection of human Arginine Vasopressin (also known as AVP) in serum, plasma, cell culture supernates, cell lysates, tissue homogenates.

Cat.No E1312Hu

Standard Curve Range: 1ng/L – 400ng/L

Sensitivity: 0.61ng/L   Datasheet Download

Storage: The kit could be stored for 6 months under the temperature of 2-8°C and could be stored for longer time under the temperature below -20°C. The ELISA plate is packed in vacuum package and the strip is dismountable. If it’s not used up once after the dismounting, put it in the provided seal bag and put in the drying agent and store it under the temperature of 2-8°C. It could be used again within one month. Prevent the repeated frost-thawing for the reagent.

Kit Contents

  • Standard Solution
  • Pre-coated ELISA Plate
  • Standard Diluent
  • Streptavidin-HRP
  • Stop Solution
  • Substrate Solution A
  • Substrate Solution B
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate (25x)
  • Biotin-Conjugate Antibody
  • User Instruction
  • Plate Sealer
  • Zipper bag


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