PT-3000G ELISA Washer

PT-3000G                                           430 X 360 X 165 mm




Manual Download

Display unit: liquid crystal display with four rows of twenty digits

Keyboard: eight key membrane keyboard

Manifold: 8 pins and 12 pins

Residual aspiration volume: < 1uL per well

Washing time: 0 to 99

Washing strips: 1 to 12

Dipping time: 0-3600s adjustable

Shaking time: 0-600s adjustable

Resolution: 50-3000ul/well

Dispense precision: CV≤2%

Sipping time: 0.1-10 s

Soak or shake time: 0 to 3600 seconds

Dimension: 430 X 360 X 165 mm

Weight(main uni0t): 9kg

Power requirements: 220VAC, 50 Hz/

Power consumption: 65W

Operation temperature: 5-40℃

Relative humidity: <80 %

Fluid reservoir capacity: wash, rinse, waste, buffer X 2L


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