PT-3502G ELISA Reader

PT-3502G                                       ±1.0% at 1.0 OD, 450um




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Weight: 10Kg

Outline Dimension: 460mm(L)×360mm(W)×210mm(H)

Supply Power: AC(220±22)V, (50±1)Hz

Fuses: 2-φ5×20  BGXP3.15A  250V

Work environment: Temperature:+5~+40℃; Relative humidity: 20%~80%; Atmospheric pressure: 700~1060hPa

Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃

Photodetector: Silicon Photodiode

Light Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp, OSRAM64607, 8V/50W

Wavelength range: 400nm~850nm

Standard filters: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm

Additional filters: on request, filter wheel for up to 8 filters

Indication range: 0.000~4.000A

Resolution: 0.001OD

Accuracy: ±1.0% at 1.0 OD, 450um

Reproducibility: ±1.0% at 1.0 OD, 450um

Stability: Drift Error≤0.003A in 10mins

Reading speed: Continuous mode≤10s, Stepping mode≤20s

Warm-up time: 10min

CPU: ARM core series

Programmable Items: 500

Interface: RS-232 serial/Parallel printer/USB/Mouse and keyboard interface

Display: 320×240 LCD

Input Mode: Touch Screen ,Touch pen

Memory Capability: 2000 Plates(96 holes)test data

Wavelength Accuracy(nm): ±1.0

Half-Width(nm): ≤8

Transmission Peak Ratio(%): ≥35

Shaking: Linear Shaking, 3 speeds≥35

Microplate types: 96/ 48 -well plate


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