Article: Salivary Visfatin Concentrations in Patients With Chronic Periodontitis
Author: Zahra Alizadeh Tabari ,Abbas Azadmehr, Ali Nohekhan, Nima Naddafpour, Fatemeh Baharak Ghaedi
Journal of Periodontology, 2013, 85 (8) :1081-5
Product: E0025Hu,Human visfatin ELISA Kit

Article: Light-emitting diodes downregulate cathelicidin, kallikrein and toll-like receptor 2 expressions in keratinocytes and rosacea-like mouse skin
Author: Jee-Bum Lee, Soo Hyeon Bae, Ki Rang Moon, Eui Young Na, Sook Jung Yun, Seung-Chul Lee
Experimental Dermatology.Volume25, Issue12,December 2016,Pages 956-961
Product: E1481Mo,Mouse interleukin 8,IL-8 ELISA Kit

Article: Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Induces Osteoblast Inhibition by B Lymphocytes and Osteoclast Activation by T Lymphocytes during Hematopoietic    Stem/Progenitor Cell Mobilization
Author: S Li, T Li, Y Chen, Y Nie, C Li, L Liu, Q Li, L Qiu
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2015, Pages 1384-1391
Product: E0032Mo,Mouse Osteocalcin/Bone gla protein,OT/BGP ELISA kit; E0314Mo,Mouse tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b,TRACP-5b ELISA Kit

Article: Tissue engineered human amniotic membrane application in mouse ovarian follicular culture
Author: M. Motamed, Z. Sadr, M. R. Valojerdi, A. MoiniS. Oryan, M. Totonchi, B. Ebrahimi, S. Maroufizadeh, E. Taghiabadi, R. Fathi
Annals of Biomedical Engineering. July 2017, Volume 45, Issue 7, pp 1664–1675
Product: E0072Mo,Mouse Estradiol,E2 ELISA Kit

Article: Impact of oral supplementation of Glutamate and GABA on memory performance and neurochemical profile in hippocampus of rats.
Author: Tabassum, Saiqa; Ahmad, Saara; Madiha, Syeda; Khaliq, Saima; Shahzad, Sidrah; Batool, Zehra; Haider, Saida
Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences . 2017 Supplement, Vol. 30, p1013-1021. 9p. 2 Diagrams, 5 Graphs.
Product: E0102Ra,Rat Gamma-aminobutyric acid,GABA ELISA Kit

Article: L-DOPA in the hu man ovarian follicular fluid acts as an antioxidant factor on granulosa cells
Author: J. Blohberger, T. Buck, D. Berg, U. Berg, L. Kunz and A. Mayerhofer
Journal of Ovarian Research. 29 September 2016
Product: E1946Hu,Human L-Dihydroxyphenyalanine,L-DOPA ELISA Kit

Article: Pirfenidone protects against paraquat-induced lung injury and fibrosis in mice by modulation of inflammation, oxidative stress, and gene expression
Author: Fateme Pourgholamhossein, Rokhsana Rasooli, Mostafa Pournamdari, Leyla Pourgholi, Mitra Samareh-Fekri, Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari, Maryam Iranpour, Hamid-Reza Poursalehi, Mahmoud-Reza Heidari, Ali Mandegary
Food and Chemical Toxicology. volume 112, February 2018, Pages 39-46
Product: E0660Mo,Mouse Transforming Growth factor β1,TGF-β1 ELISA kit

Article: Antioxidative peptide from milk exhibits antiosteopenic effects through inhibition of oxidative damage and bone-resorbing cytokines in ovariectomized rats
Author: Sanusi Bello Mada Ph.D., Srinu Reddi Ph.D., Naveen Kumar Ph.D., Rohit Kumar M.Sc., Suman Kapila Ph.D. , Rajeev Kapila Ph.D., Ritu Trivedi Ph.D., Anirudha Karvande Ph.D., Naseer Ahmad Ph.D.
Nutrition Volumes 43–44, November–December 2017, Pages 21-31

Article: Vascular function and arginine and dimethylarginines in gentamicin-induced renal failure: a possible effect of heme oxygenase 1 inducer hemin
Author: Esra Aycan-Ustyol, Merve Kabasakal, Seldag Bekpinar, F. Ilkay Alp-Yıldırım, Ozge Tepe, Murat Giris, Yasemin Ozluk, Yesim Unlucerci, B. Sonmez Uydes-  Dogan, Mujdat Uysal
Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 2017, 95(12): 1406-1413
Product: E0932Hu, Human heme oxygenase 1,HO-1 ELISA Kit; E1978Hu,Human 4-Hydroxynonenal,4HNE ELISA Kit

Article: Enteral L-Arginine and Glutamine Supplementation for Prevention of NEC in Preterm Neonate
Author: S. El-Shimi, H. A. Awad, M. A. Abdelwahed, M. H. Mohamed, S. M. Khafagy, and G. Saleh
International Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 2015, Article ID 856091, 7 pages
Product: E1911Hu,Human arginine, Arg ELISA Kit

Article: Antioxidant and DNA protective effects of NTX, a proprietary glycyrrhizin/d-mannitol product, in association with alcohol consumption: A randomized, placebo-  controlled, double-blind, crossover study
Author: Harsha Chigurupati, Biswajit Auddy, Manish Biyani, Shrabana Chakrabarti, Srikanta Pandit, Tuhin K. Biswas, Tanmoy Mondal, Sidney J. Stohs
Journal of Functional Foods. Volume 34, July 2017, Pages 28-35
Product: E1426Hu, Human Protein Carbonyl,PC ELISA Kit

Article: Protective effect of resveratrol against aluminium chloride (AlCl3) induced testicular damage in rats entails inhibition of intrinsic apoptotic pathway
Author: HA Dera, A Abushouk
Science of Advanced Materials, Volume 7, Number 2, February 2015, pp. 384-395(12)
Product: E0930Ra,Rat Pancreatic Polypeptide,PP ELISA Kit

Article: Effect of intermittent fasting during Ramadan on Visfatin, Adiponectin and tumor necrotizing factor-alpha in healthy Muslim individuals
Author: E Safavi, AR Rahbar
Journal of Fasting and Health, 2017
Product: E0025Hu,Human visfatin ELISA Kit; E1550Hu,Human adiponectin,ADP ELISA Kit

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