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Article: Short-Term Impact of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on Serum Cartonectin and Vaspin Levels in Obese Subjects
Author: Doaa M. Ibrahim,Nagwa R. Mohamed,Tarek A. Fouad,Ahmed F. Soliman
Obesity Surgery,03 June 2018
Product: E0921Hu,Human Visceral adipose-specific serine protease inhibitor,vaspin ELISA Kit

Article: Evaluation of Gene Expression Pattern of IL1B and IL10 Cytokines Following Vitamin C Administration among Brain-Dead Liver Donors
Author: Jafar Mehrabi Sisakht,Mohammad Bagher Khosravi , Soheila Milani , Masoumeh Kazemi , Seyed Mohammad Bagher Tabei
Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal: December 01, 2016, 18 (12); e44311
Product: E0102Hu,Human Interleukin 10,IL-10 ELISA Kit; E0143Hu,Human Interleukin 1 beta(IL-1b) ELISA Kit

Article: Effect of smoking on superoxide dismutase levels in DM with pulmonary TB patients
Author: MI Sari, SS Widjaja, Z Amir, DM Darlan, DD Wijaya
Stem Cell Oncology, 2018
Product: E0918Hu,Human Super Oxidase Dimutase,SOD ELISA Kit

IJBPAS, March, 2015, 4(3): 1146-1156

Article: Protective influences of N-acetylcysteine against alcohol abstinence-induced depression by regulating biochemical and GRIN2A, GRIN2B gene expression of NMDA receptor signaling pathway in rats
Author: Rutuja Yawalkar, Harish Changotra, Girdhari Lal Gupta
Neurochemistry International. Volume 118, September 2018, Pages 73-81
Product: E0866Ra,Rat Serotonin,ST ELISA Kit

Article: Chemico-Biological Interactions,Volume 278, 25 December 2017, Pages 84-91
Assessment on dietary protein requirement of sandfish (Holothuria scabra) through growth response and plasma insulin-like growth factor-1 profile
Author: Maureen Mercy Pattinasarany, Eddy Suprayitno , Aulanni’am ,Uun Yanuhar
International Journal of Biosciences,Vol. 5, No. 11, p. 86-91, 2014
Product: E0017Fi, Fish malondialchehyche,MDA ELISA Kit

Article: Detection of Herpes Simplex -2 Virus in Women with Spontaneous Abortion in Al-Najaf City/Iraq
Author: Musa Nima Mezher ,Fatima Abdulhussein Mejbel, Humam Kasem Hussein

Article: Effects of administration of omega-3 fatty acids with or without vitamin E supplementation on adiponectin gene expression in PBMCs and serum adiponectin and  adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein levels in male patients with CAD
Author: Atena Ramezani,Fariba Koohdani, Abolghasem Djazayeri, Ebrahim Nematipour, Seyed Ali Keshavarz, Ali-Akbar Saboor-Yaraghi, Mohammad-Reza Eshraghian, Abbas Yousefinejad,Hassan Javanbakht, Mahnaz Zarei, Sanaz Gholamhosseini, Mahmoud Djalali
Anatolian Journal of Cardiology, 2016, 15 (12) :981-989
Pruduct: E1406Hu,Human adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein(A-FABP) ELISA Kit

Article: Berberis Fruit Extract and Biochemical Parameters in Patients With Type II Diabetes.
Author: Moazezi Z,Qujeq D
Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products, 2014, 9 (2) :e13490
Product: E0023Hu,Human Glycated hemoglobin A1c,GHbA1c ELISA Kit

Article: Salivary soluble receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand/osteoprotegerin ratio in periodontal disease and health
Author: TZ Alizadeh, A Abbas, TMA Alizadeh, H Jalaloddin, GF Baharak
Journal of Periodontal & Implant Science, 2013, 43 (5) :227-232
Product: E0646Hu,Human sRANKL ELISA Kit; E1558Hu,human OPG ELISA Kit

Article: Salivary Visfatin Concentration in Response to Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy.
Author: ZA Tabari, FB Ghaedi, A Azadmehr, A Nohekhan, MA Tabrizi,MR Ardakani, N Naddafpour
J Clin Diagn Res, 2015, 9 (4) :05-8
Product: E0025Hu,Human Visfatin (VISFATIN) ELISA Kit

Article: Comparison of Cotinine Salivary Levels in Hookah Smokers, Passive Smokers, and Non-Smokers
Author: T Nosratzehi, F Arbabikalati, E Alijani, H Tajdari
Addiction & Health, 2015, 7 (3-4) :184
Product: E2043Hu,Human Cotinine ELISA Kit

Article: Assessment of Salivary Catalase, a-Amylase, and Cotinine Levels in Chronic Smokers: A Comparative Study
Author: S Singh, M Sharma, N Rohilla, V Salgotra, V Kumar, RK Sharma
J Contemp Dent Pract, 2018, 19 (3) :253-256
Product: E2043Hu,Human Cotinine ELISA Kit

Article: Hepatoprotective Effects of Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) Adjuvant with Satureja rechingeri Essential Oils
Author: Faezeh Fatemi, Abolfazl Dadkhah, Kambiz Akbarzadeh, Salome Dini, Shabnam Hatami, Azadeh Rasooli
Electronic Journal of Biology, 2015,Vol.11(2): 23-32
Product: E0628Ra,Rat cytochrome P450, CYP450 ELISA Kit

Article: Intraperitoneal Injection of High Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF-α) Serum Increase Soluble Fms-like Tyrosine Kinase-1 (sFlt-1) and Blood Pressure of Pregnant      Mice
Author: BA Wicaksono, SCW Baktiyani, LE Fitri
Product: E0611Mo,Rat Vitamin B6,VB6 ELISA Kit

Article: Assessment the Serum Level of IL6, IL10 versus Neuregulin 1 among Schizophrenic Patients in Iraq
Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research,Vol.5,pp.18883-18889,March,2017
Product: E1317Hu,Human Neuregulin 1,NRG-1 ELISA Kit


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